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Midriff like a mastiff
Work you round the clock
Like a split shift
I could deadlift
Any word writ
And shoot thunderbolts out my armpits!
Be alarmed kids
This is true grit
I’ll grind haters down
Into 8 bits
Nouns and epithets
Verbs are bullets
Would you rather be hunters or peasants?

The best way to eat
Is like a country bumpkin
Open up a rabbit
And go spelunkin’
Eggs from the barn
Bread in the oven
Stirring jams n jellies
Like a witch’s coven
If you love the land
It’ll come up pure
If it’s covered in leaves
Or covered in fur
You’re an omnivore
There’s no dilemma
Do you want the dregs
Or the creme de la crema?

Lots of choice
At the grocery store
Should I eat from the garden
Or the killing floor?
What about the Buddhists
and what they explore?
Gettin’ fed was once a thrill
Now it’s a chore
Do I read the labels
Or just ignore?
Need a moral compass
to find the shore?
I like sweatin in silk
I like militant milk
Let’s wear leather together
Ya know I’m built
Jacked up on stilts
And from where I stand
Rather bag something fresh
Than eat from cans

Getting labial
with my syllables
Language is full of symbols
Grind n mastication
This is pre-dation
I’m starting up an army
Called the True Food Nation
I’m a stonemason
Slappin’ down bricks
Get nimble, Jack
And lick my split!
Til I’m singin’ them hymnals
Rock the pitch shift
Don’t gimmie the dismals
Deliver the trip

Arrows fly over
The trumpet of hunters
Yielding to hunger
That gun sounds like thunder
We take from the woods yeah
We take from the Mother
Eat with our elders
We eat out of wonder

Snow comes like powder
The going gets harder
The blood from our brothers
Will keep in the larder
We are not intruders
Or raiding marauders
Sustained by surrender
We’re gentle dispatchers


from GITTIN COSMIC BOUT DEATH, released May 3, 2011



all rights reserved


Hunter Rapper Victoria, British Columbia

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